How does it work?

Each 5280 Analytics node automatically recognizes the wireless devices within a specified area.  Advanced and proprietary algorithms then process this data to calculate pedestrian counts, new vs returning customers, and many other custom metrics

Is it secure?

Absolutely.  In order to protect privacy, the data collected by our devices is encrypted securely using an industry standard one-way cryptographic hash function.  This approach obscures all personally identifiable information.

How much does it cost?

One of the biggest benefits of having a fully scalable system is that we can provide you with just the service you want; nothing more, nothing less.  For that reason, our costs of analyzing traffic are also variable based on the physical size of the area of interest.  In order to receive a quote, please contact us.

What hardware do I need?

We will provide you with the hardware you need.  Most customers have found that one node (about the size of a home router) per 200 feet is sufficient.  After we calibrate the node for your location, you will begin receiving periodic traffic reports.

Do I or my customers need any special software?

No, we designed the system to be completely stand-alone.  Your customers do not need to install any special apps and you do not need anything beyond our devices installed in your location.

How often do I get reports?

Reports are sent on a weekly basis.

Can you customize my reports?

Yes.  We welcome feedback from all our customers.  Please do not hesitate to give us any suggestions.  We will strive to incorporate all additional reporting requests as soon as possible.